Dinosaur Jr - No Bones tab

I got this tab from a Dinosaur Jr fan site and since there aren't any other tabs 
of this brilliant song I thought I'd post it here.

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Am F Am B C D E Am G Am B C B C

run 1:e:--0-----------|B:-----3--1--0--|G:--------------|D:--------------|A:--------------|E:--------------|
Verse 1: (run 1) F G Hey babe, thought maybe (run 1) F G Can't feel that today (run 1) D Am G Wish it didn't faze me (run 1) D Am G Can't handle either way Chorus: Am G Am With life surrounded. Entombed in war C B D E Don't lie to her, no bones, no phone Am G Am The vast expanses, still need to grind B C B C To go together on my mind Verse 2:(Verse 1 riff) Hey babe, can't do it Can't put you there again Can't feel, can't go through it If there only was a way
fill part:(repeat 4 times)e:--0---------------------0----------------0-----|B:-----3--1--0--1----3-------3--1--0--1-------3--|G:-----------------------------------------------|D:-----------------------------------------------|A:-----------------------------------------------|E:-----------------------------------------------|
solo over this chord progression: C Am B F Chorus2(Verse 1 Chords): With life surrounded Entombed in war Don't lie to her, no bones, no phone The vast expanses, still need to grind It's on my mind (end on Am)
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