Dinosaur Jr – On The Brink tab

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Subject: TAB: On the Brink - Dinosaur Jr
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 14:54:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Michael Gartley" 

On the Brink
Dinosaur Jr

The point of me going through the trouble for this is that hopefully it
will help someone else out with the song.  I'm still learning, so
hopefully someone can help me out too!  Post your corrections and
suggestions!  I've worked out the basics of all the songs on
Without a Sound, so if anyone is interested I can pound out another
song.  And sorry about the bad job on the lyrical transcription!  He
just tends to mumble sometimes.

Capo on the third fret.  All the chords and tab are relative to the capo.

G D C D x 2

This is how I play the little G D C D progression, but I really don't
think that it's the same as J plays.

G D C De-----3-3-0-2-3p2---------------0-0-0-2-------------------|b-----0-0-0-3----3---0h3p0------1-1-0-3----3-0h3p0--------|g-0---0-0-0-2------2------------0-0-0-2---2-2-----2-0-----|d-0-------0-0---------------2---2-2---0-------------------|a-2-------------------------3---3-3-----------------------|e-3-------------------------------------------------------|
G D C D G D C D I know I've been left on your mind you could use a break G D C D G D C D If ever I could let you go is that all you'd take C C D fill 1 It's not often you soften up enough to smile C C D fill 2 I'm damaged, I'm sandwiched ?? G D C D G D C D Tomorrow is the last event that could mean a thing G D C D G D C D Forget what you thought you'd meant thinking what you'd bring
fill 1e-2-3s7-x-5-x-2-3p2---3p2----|b-------------------3-----3--|g----------------------------|d----------------------------|a----------------------------|e----------------------------|
fill 2e---0------------------------|b-----3------3---0h3p0-------|g-2-----2--2---2-------2-----|d----------------------------|a----------------------------|e----------------------------|
C C D fill 1 I'm damaged, I'm sandwiched in between C D fill 2 No wonder I hardly have the strength to fight G D C D G D C D If ever there had been a time would you let me know G D C D G D C D Is there enough of you around could you let some go Some of these chords, I don't know the exact name of, so I used a ?. Em? C A? D All the love you deny it Em? C A? D Your above all your pride too Em? C A? D Gave it all I could think of Em? C A? D Would you care what your on the brink Em? 022002 C? x32013 A? x02200 D xx0232 G 320003
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