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From: ajl694@nwu.edu (crackerhat)
Subject: CRD: Turnip Farm by Dinosaur Jr

Off Reality Bites Sdtrk

opening riff is something like :

Then it goes into verse: C Em (solo for a little) C Em C Em Come on with me Tell me all about it do this for a while. Chorus is: D C Em Come on with me, tell me all about it. Needed to feel you there, never doubt it. B C B C Please don't leave me, not like this. What about all that we missed. D C D C Done it all and what a waste. I don't want this rage misplaced. B C B C Please don't leave me, not just yet. Cause it's brutal, can't forget. D C D C Em (w/ solo) Nothin' else we could have done. Still it's killin' me your gone.
Second riff:e-------------------|B-------------------|G-----------2-------|D------0-2----------|A--0-2--------------|E-------------------|
Then back to the chorus (D, C, Em). then to the verse to close the song. andy ajl694@nwu.edu corrections/comments/etc welcome
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