Dinosaur Jr - Blowin It tab

My version of Blowin it - Off Martin & Me, J Mascis.

do your own strumming....


VERSE: C D (C shape at 3rd fret) I've been bakin through the night C Everybody's so uptight D People hurt and that's their right C Cut em all just think I might D Stewin' hanging out in town C In my head whirlin' around D Don't trust your mind it'll let you down don't ever think to go home CHORUS: G D Em Cmaj7 (x32000) I don't know a thing to say to you G D Em Cmaj7 I don'y know a thing to say to you INTRO x3 then
VERSE: C D There's a time and there's a place C It's not now it's time to pace D Things I say but just can't face C All it means to say them D Would believe the things I feel C Then tomorow is it the same deal D Am I acting on something real Or am I blowin' it again CHORUS: x3 INTRO: x4 And so it goes...
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