Dinosaur Pile-up - Barceloner tab version 1

This is quite a recent song and my friend was gutted that it wasn't tabbed out so I
spent five minutes figuring out the first intro chords. It sounds accurate and my friend
reckons it is so I hope it helps :)


Artist: Dinosaur Pile Up
Song:   Barceloner
Album:  Growing Pains

Light Overdrive |---------- Fig. 1 -----------|e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------| x4D|-5-X-8/10-X-8/13-X-8/10-X-8\-|A|-5-X-8/10-X-8/13-X-8/10-X-8\-|E|-3-X-6/8--X-6/11-X-6/8--X-6\-|
I'm not 100% sure about the Mute Notes but I can hear light Mute Notes in the YouTube video so you can choose to add/take them away if you wish.
Heavy-ish Overdrivee|------------------------------------| |B|------------------------------------|.|G|------------------------------------| | cont. sim.D|-5-5--8/10-10--8-13-13--8/10-10--8\-| |A|-5-5--8/10-10--8/13-13--8/10-10--8\-|.|E|-3-3--6/8--8---6/11-11--6/8--8---6\-| |
This is played when the Drummer quits with the fast snare drum-roll and starts using the Cymbals. I like to play it like this, but you can just play Fig. 1 without the Mute Notes. I can't work out the rest from a YouTube vid so you can just improvise with these chords:
G5 G Bb5 Bb C5 Ce|-----3--|------1---|-----0--|B|-----0--|------3---|-----1--|G|-----0--|------3---|-----0--|D|-5---0--|--8---3---|-10--2--|A|-5---2--|--8---1---|-10--3--|E|-3---3--|--6-------|-8------|
The Major chords aren't really meant to be used but they could go well on the acoustic guitar (I'd stick to the Power Chords (5) for this song) :) Please Rate I guess and comment if you'd like to give me some constructive criticise/praise. I have one request. If you don't already and you like Alternative Rock (Kings Of Leon - Kasabian), please listen to the Arctic Monkeys. I'd listen to Whatever People Say I Am, That's what I'm Not and Favourite Worst Nightmare first as Humbug is their fan album. This band changed my life and I am a massive fan of theirs. :P Thanks, ARCTICMONKEE - "You are the unforecasted storm... Wup!" Long live Alex Turner, the Arctic Monkeys and the storm that is Brian.
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