Dion – Good Lovin Man tab

Good Lovin' Man 

Good Lovin' Man, Good Lovin' Man, Good Lovin' Man

C7				   F
I told you that I love you but I wouldn't be around too much 
Don't you ever worry 'bout no other woman,
F                                  C7
You're the only woman to give me a rush

C7            F       C7            F
Baby, give me kisses, baby, take it all
C7            F        C7          
Baby, give me comfort, baby, c'mon take it all

G                      C7 		           F
I'm a good lovin' man, Lord knows just the way I am
G 		                     	        F           C7
Ready, steady, steady like a rock and ain't nobody like I am
      G    F      C7   G           F         C7
I'm a good lovin' man, baby, not a one night stand
G            F       C7    G          F     C7
Baby playin' with my hand, Baby doin' all I can 
   G       F     C7    
To be your good lovin' man

Little Girl I opened in NY city on a rainy Friday night
Girl now don't you know that I called you at home 
to see if everything was all right and I said

Bridge + chorus

by: José Duarte
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