Dionne Bromfield – Yeah Right chords

Eeeeep my first ever Tab, just thought I'd help you guys out a bit! (-: 

Verse 1
Dm C Maybe you caught the train just like you said you did
Am GMaybe it broke down but you didn't give up
Dm CMaybe you got pinned down by all the weight of gifts
Am GThat you were bringing me to show your love
Dm C Maybe you got lost on the way back to my house
Am GMaybe you called and I was on the phone
Dm C Maybe you thought if you were late I'd throw you out
Am GMaybe you think I like being on my own
F EmYeah right, Yeah right
Asus-A GI mean honestly, You lied to me like I'm not there
F EmYeah right, Yeah right
Asus-A GYou must be mad you lied so bad, Just listen to yourself
F EmYeah right, Yeah right
Asus-A GYou'll lose my love, If you keep it up
Yeah right Mmm This repeats it's self all the way through the song i think? (: Peace Out dudes! (: Naomi J! x
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