Dionne Warwick - Dont Say I Didnt Tell You So tab

Donít Say I Didnít Tell You So

Am7                              Bm7
Donít ever say I didnít tell you so,
I did, you know, someday youíll wish you were back with me
Am7                                   Bm7
Donít think Mr. Heartbreak passed you by
Someday youíll cry, youíll meet your match, wait and see

G7           Gmaj7     C9             G 
And she will do to you everything you did to me 
Em7                    C6
And she will cheat and tell you lies that youíll believe
While sheís laughing up her sleeve
As you gave youíll receive

Instrumental verse + Chorus

Donít say I didnít tell you so,
I did, you know, youíre gonna cry and wish you were back with me
Wish that you were back, wish that you were back with me...

by: Josť Duarte
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