Dionysos - Candy Lady chords

Dionysos - Candy lady (La mécanique du coeur)

Accords au Ukulélé (en Do)
 Cm : 0333
 Eb : 0336
 Ab : 1343
 G  : 0232
 F  : 2010

 Intro:  Cm

EbOh my Candy Lady
Cm EbYour lips it's like a bird
Ab EbHow wild is the strawberry
Ab GThat substitutes your tongue
Es la suavidad De tus besitos Que da ami boca El gusto de azucar Cm Eb Cm Eb Ab Eb Ab G Refrain :
Ab Bb Eb AbCandy Candy Candy Lady let me lick your feather
Ab Bb Cm FFor ever and ever and ever even if I ache my teeth
Deja Deja Deja me mi gattito Deja me comer tus lavios Ahora por la hora y manana Hablaran los dios
Cm EbHow talented I will be
Cm EbIf I keep you close to me
Ab EbThe broken man like me
Ab GIs not used to be good for making families
El talento lo tendré si liego a engatusarte Si llego a serenarte sin apenarte ...(Idées pour ce pont?)... Refrain : Oh my Candy Lady if you never believe me I'll may never believe In me neither oh never please believe in me my Candy Lady Cached since : 2011-02-21 23:47:26
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