Dire Straits – Romeo And Juliet tab

this is th real romeo and juliet

cappo fifth fret

             c                   am                       g
 verse 1     a love struck romeo  sings a streetsuss serenade
             c                   am              f
             laying everybody low with a lovesong that he made 
             g                    f g                  c 
              finds a streetlight,  steps out of the shade
                                f                      g   
             says something like  "you and me babe how about it?"      

verse 2      c                           am                               g
             juliet says, "hey its romeo, you nearly gave me a heartatack"
             hes underneath the window, shes singing
             am         f
             "hey la,my boyfriends back,
             g                            f g                           
             you shouldnt come around here, singin up to peoples windows
 like that
            f                              g
            "anyway what you going to do about it?" 

i was goin to write more but it was gettin a little boring do the rest later
from joe 14yr old from england
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