Dire Straits – Expresso Love chords

Song  : Expresso Love
Artist: Dire Straits
Album : Making Movies
Transcription: Radko Kuzmanov (R2K)

Intro: D5 RIFFe|---------------|B|---------------|G|---7-7-7-7-7-7-|D|---7-7-7-7-7-7-| or play normal D5 RiffA|-5-------5-----|E|---------------|
2nd Intro RIF: Dm Bb Gm C Dm Bb Ce|---------------------------|-----------------------|B|---------------------------|-----------------------|G|---------------------------|-----------------------|D|---7----3-3-3--------5-5-5-|----7----3-3-3---5-5-5-|A|-0-5--0-1-1-1--5-3-0-3-3-3-|--0-5--0-1-1-1-0-3-3-3-|E|---------------3-5---------|-----------------------|
Dm Bb Gm CShe gets the sun in the daytime
Dm Bb Cperfume in the dusk
Dm Bb Gm Cand she comes out in the night time
Dm Bb Cwith the honeysuckle musk
Dm Bb Gm Cbecause she smells just like a rose
Dm Bb Cand she tastes just like a peach
Dm Bb Gm Cshe got me walking where the wild life goes
Dm Bb C i'd do anything to reach her
1-th Refrain:
F and she was made in heaven
Bb heaven's in the world
F Oh she was made in heaven
Bb heaven's in the world
A7 Bb is this just expresso love
G Gsus4 you know i'm crazy for the girl
Dm Bb Gm CShe call me just to walk
Dm Bb C She's my lover she's a friend of mine
Dm Bb Gm CShe says hey mister you wanna take a walk
Dm Bb CIn the wild west end sometime
Dm Bb Gm CAnd I get trouble with my breathing
Dm Bb CShe says boys don't know anything
Dm Bb Gm CBut I know what I want
Dm Bb C I want everything
2-th Refrain:
A well i feel so good cos i feel so good
F and i feel so good cos it feels so right
C i was made to go with my girl
Bb C like a saxophone was to go with the night
Intro RIF: Dm Bb / Gm C Dm Bb / C
Dm Bb Gm CAnd she can raise one eyebrow
Dm Bb C Put her hand on my hip
Dm Bb Gm CAnd I close one eye now
Dm Bb CSweap on her lip
Dm Bb Gm CAn I surrender to the fever
Dm Bb CI surrender to the will of the night
Dm Bb Gm CShe will love me tender, I got to believe her
Dm Bb CLove? Expresso love's allright
Intro RIF: Dm Bb / Gm C Dm Bb / C
Dm Bb Gm CI don't want no sugar in it
Dm Bb C Thank you very much
Dm Bb Gm CAll wired up on it
Dm Bb CAll fired up on it
Dm Bb Gm CExpresso touch
Intro RIF: Dm Bb / Gm C Dm Bb / C Hey maestro, expresso, It's just another one just like the other one Hey maestro, expresso love, Is this another one Just like the other one
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