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Dirtbag – Fuck Word tab

"The Fuck Word" by Dirtbag

this Dirtbag song was no dist. at all. it was a reverb
and clean guitar. it's a slower song.

|C = x3203x||A = 5077xx||G = 320003||F = 133xxx||----------|
C A F G C A F G When i walk up i see the fucking sky and makes me fall asleep again When i stop to see the bright blue sky i die and feel so fucking gay So fuck the truth and give me a lie so i can see so i can get high And fuck the future and live for right now and fuck the useless shit C Give me back me fucking pride A I'll show you pain you fucking asshole G Break your fucking teeth with a bar F Run you the fuck over with me car and so on keep the pattern going thru the whole song.
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