Dirty Heads – Crazy Girls chords

Great song performed mostly by Duddy B by himself. All chords are barre chordsThis is the basic guitar pattern for the Verses: e|--5----5x-------------------|B|--5----5x-------------------|G|--6----6x-------------------|D|--7----7x-------------------|A|--7----7x---5--5--5/6/7-----|E|--5----5x-------------------|I'm like please stop leaving me these fucked up messages
e|--7x---------|B|--9x---------|G|--9x--7/8/9--|D|--9x--7/8/9--|A|--7x---------|E|--7x---------|Three page text's with run on sentences
Repeat guitar pattern until Chorus, which is:
G BmCrazy bitches, yah you got to leave me alone
C#m Dy'all got me blocking my text's, ya'll got me screening my phone
G Bm I'm like crazy bitches, you gotta leave me alone
C#m DI told me roommate if you call man, I ain't home
G ACuz you this crazy bitch, I think your losing it
G AI think I've had way to much of this bullshit
G AYour this crazy bitch, I think your losing it
D I think you've lost it
Guitar Solo: That is all I have. Just listen to the song to get the timing and rhythm down. It's pretty simple once you do.
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