Dirty Pretty Things – Tired Of England chords

Unsure about the chorus chords!

for intro

for chorus play this tab
verse 1
F# Bbmhow can they be tired of england?
F# Bbmthey'll never know the england that we know
B Dnever know where the ones with the dreams go, no
B D Enever notice the skies with their eyes down low
verse 2 we'll never be tired of england united in rain in the cities to channel the pain and the pitys woe to carry them back to the place below bridge
Awith the blues, the greys, the green, the brown
Dto lonely nights up town
Adon't let them bring you down
Dlonely nights up town
A C#don't let them bring us down, no
verse 3 how can they be tired of london? the sense in the air on a warm day generation of hope that sees better days but moving slong in the same old ways verse 4 we'll never be tired of london from clerkenwell into the city the state of the roofs is a pity though generations all cramped with their kids in tow bridge pre-chorus
n.c.While the Queen of England sits on her throne
Off bingo cards and chicken bones Chorus
Ddont drink yourself to a lonely death
Ain casinos on crystal meth
Ddont drink yourself to a lonely death
Ain casinos on crystal meth
Dso sing your song of banbury cross
Adont breath a word about your loss
Ddont trust old nick to fall on dawn
A C#half sized cars and top shelf porn
F# Bbm(how can they be tired of england?) x4
D C# C
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