Dirty Rotten Imbeciles – Misery Loves Company tab

I really like this song. I had the opertunity to see The Wedding in concert.

Band: The Wedding
Song: Misery Loves Company
Year: 2007
Tuning dropped db(DbAbDbGbBbEb)

(It is pretty close I think. the intro is also the chorus riff.) help me out here if 
are any corrections or if you know more of the song
e-mail me:  hawkfan_mes@hotmail.com

It will say: this song is the authors own interpitation..blah blah.. preform it freely! I don't mind!|----2X-----------------------------|Eb--------------|-------------------|Bb------6-5-----|-------6-5----8----|Gb---5h7---5--7-|---5h7----5--------| Thats It Thanks for veiwingDb/7--------7---|/7----------7------|Ab--------------|-------------------|Db--------------|-------------------|
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