Dirty Three – Great Waves tab ver. 2

I think Mick Turner plays the same three notes for the whole song, the only thing he
changes is timing. As with most Dirty Three songs, there's almost no consistency throughout
the track or between versions.

Intro is:

This is played twice Just before Chan Marshall's vocals kick in, he changes slightly, leaving out a note. My best guess is that he repeats this for most of the rest of the song, though it's very hard to tell as the guitar becomes very faint under vocals and mandolin.
I've tabbed out the mandolin chords as they would be played on mandolin tuning E-A-D-G) The timing is quite tricky and inconsistent. Mandolin Hammer on between these two chords for a bit in the intro
This is the most recognisable mandolin bit, a rising and falling riff, a bit like waves....
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