Disarmonia Mundi - Across The Burning Surface tab

			     Across the Burning Surface - Disarmonia Mundi
Tabbed by:Silentsamurai1

could find tabs for this song anywhere so i decided it was time i try tabbing something. 
only the intro so far but im trying

to figure the whole song out. the only thing wrong is that i spent an hour trying to 
the first bended note to no avail and

decided that that a harmonic sounded close enough.

Tuning: Drop B


c#|---------------------|G#|---------------------|E |---------------------|B |--3-00--3-00--30-----|F#|--3-00--3-00--30-----|B |--3-00--3-00--30---5-| *intro part 2: x2
c#|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G#|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |-0-1012---1512---1012---1512---10---12---0-1012---1512---1012---1512---101213-|F#|-0-1012---1512---1012---1512---10---12---0-1012---1512---1012---1512---101213-|B |-0-1012-0-1512-0-1012-0-1512-0-10-0-12---0-1012-0-1512-0-1012-0-1512-0-101213-| x x x x x x x x x
Intro part 3: x2
c#|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G#|----------------------------------------------------------------------|E |----------------------------------------------------------------------|B |--0-13-12-15-12-13-12---15-12-13-12---13-12-15-12-13-12---15-10-12-13-|F#|--0-13-12-15-12-13-12---15-12-13-12---13-12-15-12-13-12---15-10-12-13-|B |--0-13012015012h13p12-0-15-12h13p12-0-13012015012h13p12-0-15-10-12-13-| x x x x x x x x x************************************
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | * harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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