Disciple – The Ballad Of St Augustine tab

               The Ballad Of St. Augustine
                Horseshoes & Handgrenades
                      Drop C Tuning
                 Tabbed By: BirdOnAWire
Pt. 1

Pt. 2a Pt. 2bD|----------------------------|---------------------------||A|----------------------------|---------------------------||F|----------------------------|---------------------------||C|------0---0-------0------87-|------0---0-------0--------||G|------0---0-------0------87-|------0---0-------0------7-||C|0000000-000--000000--000087-|0000000-000--000000—00008--|| ****** ** ***** **** ****** ** ***** ****
D|---------------------------------|----------------------------------||A|---------------------------------|----------------------------------||F|---------------------------------|----------------------------------||C|---------------------------------|----------------------------------||G|---------------------------------|----------------------------------||C|0000000-000--000000—00088877710sb|3333333-333--333333--000888777333-|| ********* ************Do the verse twice for the first verse then once for the second verse
Transition from Verse to ChorusD|------------------||A|------------------||F|7/9-99-9/10-10-10-||C|x/x-xx-x/x---x--x-||G|5/7-77-7/8---8--8-||C|------------------||
Chorus:D|------------------------------------||A|------------------------------------||F|------------------------------------||C|8888888888888888-0~~00-3-3p2-22-2h3-||G|8888888888888888-0~~00-3-3p2-22-2h3-||C|8888888888888888-0~~00-3-3p2-22-2h3-|| v^v^v^v^v^v^v^v^ v^ (not 22. its 2)
Bridge:D|----------|-----------------------------------||A|----------|-----------------------------------||F|----------|-7/9/10~---7/9/14~~---7/9/10-12-9--||C|0-3-5-7-0~|-x/x/x~~---x/x/-x~~---x/x/x~--x~x--||G|0-3-5-7-0~|-5/7/8~~---5/7/12~~---5/7/8~-10~7--||C|0-3-5-7-0~|-----------------------------------|| ( Do this part four or five times)After bridge go to Intro Pt. 1 then do the Chorus and then Intro Pt. 2a.
Ending:D|------------||A|-6-6-6-6----||F|-8b8b8b8b---|| For this ending bend the string up and continually hit theC|------------|| 8 & 6. Listen to the song. you'll understand what im talkingG|------------|| about.C|------------||
Notes: After the First Chorus - i can't figure out the little riff at the end of the first if you have figured it out please, comment or send me a correction and i will update it you full credit for the update! After the Bridge - for the little licks in Intro Pt. 1 i dont know either. so if you them out. comment or send me a correction and i will give you full credit in the update! Key: * = Palm Mute sb = slight bend x = mute note ~ = let note ring / = slide up v = strum down ^ = strum up p = pulloff h = hammeron Additional Notes: Its a faster paced guitar. Kind of like Your Betrayal by Bullet For My Valentine. Its of fun. It's not really advanced. more intermediate but still fun to play! once you get hang of it. you can't help but enjoy and headbang! ENJOY ROCKIN TO DISCIPLE! Ps. if you know any of the little riffs im missing, let me know! it'd help me so very and you would be mentioned in the updates. IN THE TAB. you will recieve full credit and thanks! and God Bless Rock hard
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