Disciple - No End At All chords version 1

No end at all By Disciple
Tabbed by Dasell

I copied the solo from another tab
but the rest is mine

Intro: G, D#, F.

G FLike a moon that tries to hide away
G FBut the dawn will catch it in a day
G FLike an angry son thats moving on
G FBut he will never forget his home
DFeel this grace shining in
Atheres nowhere that you've not
waltzed with me on
Dcant lead me on
DThere is nowhere I can go
AEven in the depths of the sea
GYour not to far away
DWhen I wake, when I sleep
AYou are capturing me
G A DWith a love that knows no end at all
G FLike a desert thats dead and dry
G FBut the river fulls it up in time
G FLike a daughter thats been thrown away
G FThen is adopted by a kinder face
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