Disciple – Fight For Love tab

Song: Fight For Love
Album: Scars Remain
Artist: Disciple

Tuning: C (C G C F A D)

OK. im pretty sure this is all good. but some parts may be a little off. 
and you have to figure out the rhythm.

[pick slide]
(scrape the edge towards the fret board on the upper strings. it works better.)

Verse Pt. 1D[-------------------]A[-------------------]F[-5-5-5555----------]C[-5-5-5555--3-3-x-5-]G[-3-3-3333--3-3-x-5-]C[-----------3-3-x-5-]
Verse Pt. 2D[----------]A[----------]F[----------]C[-6p5p3-00-]G[-6p5p3-00-]C[-6p5p3-00-]
[repeat whole verse, but add some scratching where you would normally break] [end with Pt. 1]
Chorus Pt. 1D[-------------------------------------]A[-------------------------------------]F[-10----------------------------------]C[-10--5--7--[repeat w/ some rhythm]-3-]G[-8---5--7--------------------------3-]C[-8---5--7--------------------------3-]
Chorus Pt. 2D[----------------------]A[----------------------]F[-------555--------777-]C[-0-3-0-xxx--0-3-0-xxx-]G[-0-3-0-333--0-3-0-555-]C[-0-3-0------0-3-0-----]
Chorus Pt. 3D[-------------]A[-------------]F[-------------] [not sure if this part is completley right]C[-0-3-0--3333-]G[-0-3-0--3333-]C[-0-3-0--3333-]
[play only the 1st part for the 1st few times]
Chorus Pt. 4D[------------]A[------------]F[------------]C[-0-3-0-5555-]G[-0-3-0-5555-]C[-0-3-0-5555-]
Verse [sry-i dont have the backround stuff] [most of] Chorus
[for 2nd part of bridge, dont scratch it as much and slow it down] there's more repeating and stuff. im pretty sure everythings right. pm me if theres any questions. have fun! its very fun to play and not that hard to get the rhythm.
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