Dishwalla - Ease The Moment tab

  This is the third song on their new album, and it rocks!
  So here is a tab for it. Makes sense . . . .


1---------------|2---------------|3---7-8-11-10---|4---7-8-11-10---|5---5-6-9--8----| 3x Intro6---------------| 4x Verse
1---------|2---------|3---3-8---|4---3-8---|5---1-6---|6---------| 2x
1---------|2---------|3---------|4---4-3---|5---4-3---|6---2-1---| 2x
SOLO This starts after the violins(4x), you'll be able to hear it. It actually only does this for the first time, but it still fits.1---------------|-11-9-4-|------|--------------------|2---11-11h13-11-|--------|-9----|-11-----------------|__________3---------------|--------|---11-|--------------------|4---------------|--------|------|--------------------|5---------------|--------|------|--------------------|6---------------|--------|------|--------------------| 4x I think ____= Let ring
STRUCTURE INTRO VERSE PRE-CHORUS CHORUS INTRO VERSE PRE-CHORUS CHORUS BRIDGE SOLO VERSE 2x } CHORUS 8x } These are the chords you use, I think, but JR doesn't sing them. You'll understand with the music. I think that's it. Please rate and comment, and I hope it works for you!
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