Disney – Dream Caravan tab

Dream Caravan
Deleted Song from Walt Disney's Alice in WonderLand 1957
Transcribed by Douglas Norman H. Jr.

Inrto: Eme[-------------------]B[-------------------]G[-------------------]D[-------------------]A[---2---2---2---2---]E[-0---0---0---0-----]
Chorus: Em Zoom Golly-Golly-Golly, Zoom Golly-Golly Em Zoom Golly-Golly-Golly, Zoom Golly-Golly Verse 1: Em My dream caravan has a thousand beautiful dreams. Em Each night I behold any dream I wish to recieve. [Chorus] Verse 2: Em My dreams come and go, as the smoke rings fire and haze Em Strange visions appear as they chant this weird serenade. [Chorus] Em ZOOM!//////ZOOM!//////ZOOM!!!!! Instrumental-Solo [Make up your own in the key of Em!! [Chorus] Verse 1 [Chorus] Verse 2 Em ZOOM!////////ZOOM!///////ZOOM!////////
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