Dispatch – Valentine chords

Dispatch EP

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Capo 3

C/B: x20010
Dadd9: x54030


e|--3-----------3--3--3------------------------------------------|B|--0-----------0--0--0------------------------------------------|G|--2-----------0--0--0------------------------------------------| x4D|--0-----------0--2--0------------------------------------------|A|--x-----------x--x--x------------------------------------------|E|--3-----------3--3--3------------------------------------------|
Git's a fadin' blue
Ginto the black
Gthe news is goin' down
Ginto the dirt
Emcrushin' the white stones
Gthe sun expires
Gthe wind is zipped up
Ghide the fire
Gin a tin cup
Emfreeze the river
Emcross out the clouds
CI bet it was a bumpy ride
C GI bet it was...slip and a slide
Cyou were upside down
C C C/B Amrollin' around...lost in time
Am (Intro)ah valentine
G so lets seal up the leaks
Gis it really goin' down?
Gbroken flame...bones to blame
Emropes in flames
Gkisses from the parade
Gtying ribbons of rain...
Emparadise, sacrifice, lemon lips
Ema pyramid of apples
Dadd9 Cc'mon c'mon lets go
Dadd9 Cwe got the car packed up
Dadd9 Cc'mon c'mon lets go
Amkeep my mind steady
Gfootprints of forever
Gsuitcase in the hole
Gholdin' my hands
Emwatchin' tears fall
Emshe's watchin' them fall
Gpromise of another
Git's better to look right now
Gscared of what we'll see
Emwill he have the same face as me?
C C/B Am C C/B Am C C/B Amlost in time, lost in time, lost in time
Gah valentine
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