Josephine chords with lyrics by Dispatch - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dispatch – Josephine chords

This is dispatch's new song from their upcoming album. It hasn't been released yet, only 
played live by Chad a few times.

E BThink I'll up and move to Canada
F# B EThink I'll begin my story there
E BAnd if the prime minister says hes had enough
F# B EIll go back to St. Johnsberry to breathe the air
(switch to barre chords now on 5th and 7th fret)
A BThats where I met a girl called Josephine
E C#m B AThey call her Josephine the Fair
(back to open chords)
E BShe had Manch Vegas written across her back
F# B EShe just cut off all her hair
(Back to barre chords)
A BWe shared a blanket by the tracks in lebanon New Hampshire
E C#m B AI never slept a better dream
(Back to open chords)
E BBut i never felt more awake in my life
F# B Etil i noticed my jacket was gone and so was josephine
A B Ejosephine josephine josephine
A B C#mhow come you aint no where to be seen
A B E F#josephine josephine josephine
A B Ehow come how come josephine?
E Bsoon after she musta had a change of heart
F# B Ebut as the train was catching up speed
Elike seeing the moon in the middle of the day
Bi felt like my feet were just gonna float away
F# B Ewhen i heard her yelling "Chicoree"
(switch to barre chords)
A B Eshe was takin off the jacket as she ran
A B C#mi said forget the jacket just gimme your hand
A Bim gettin off at the first stop up there in canada
E C#m Ai can make you happy there
(Back to Open Chords)
Eshe said it would be a while
Bi said i'll wait
Eshe said it could be a while
Ai said i'll wait
E B Ekeep the jacket just bring it to me someday
Chorus Repeat (play open chords here minus C#m and B and F#)
C#mdid you get caught in a cloud
with the rain so loud
F#that you couldn't hear your up and down
heart speak out
B Edid you go back to New Hampshire to stay?
C#mdid they catch you at the border
and send you to back down?
F#should I give up and stop lookin around
Bbut im still waitin to this day
E F# BJosephine Josephine
A B EJosephine Josephine Josephine
A B C#mHow come you aint nowerhe to be seen?
A B E F#Josephine Josephine Josephine
A F#How come how come
A F#How come how come
E BJosephine the fair
E BJosephine the fair
E BJosephine the fair
E BJosephine the fair
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