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Bm F Cme---------------------------X-X-1-------------------------------3-3---|b---------------------------3-3-1-------------------------------3-3---|g---------------------------3-3-2-------------------------------3-3---|d---------------------------3-3-3--3---3^5^3-----3--------------4-4---|a-----------1---1-------1---1-1-3------------5------5---3\1/3---4-4---|e---2---3-----------3-------X-X-1-------------------------------3-3---|
Gm Eb Bb F (Play Twice)
Verse 1 Bb F There was decorated general with a heart of gold Cm Gm That likened him to all the stories he told Eb Bb Of past battles won and lost and legends of old F A seasoned veteran in his own time Bb F On the battlefield he gained respect for fame Cm Gm With many medals of bravery and stripes to his name Eb Bb He grew a beard as soon as a he could to cover the scars on his face F And always urged his men on Bb F But on the eve of great battle with the infantry in dream Cm Gm The old general tossed in his sleep a lesson with its meaning Eb Bb He awoke from the night to tell what he had seen F And walked slowly out his tent Bb F All the men held tall with their chests in the air Cm Gm With the courage in their blood and the fire in their stare Eb Bb And it was a grey morning and they all wondered how they would fare F Till the old general told them to go home He said... Chorus Bb F Cm Gm Eb I have seen the others and i have discovered Bb F That this fight is not worth fighting Bb F Cm Gm Eb And i've seen their mothers and i will no other Bb F To follow me where i'm going, so... Bb F Cm Take a shower and shine your shoes Gm Eb You got no time to lose Bb F You are young men you must be living X2 F5 F#5 G5 Go now you are forgiven G5 F#5 F5 Verse 2 But the men stood fast with their guns on their shoulders Not knowing what to do with contradicting orders The general said he would do his own duty but extended it no further The men could go as they pleased But not a man moved their eyes gazed straight ahead Till one by one they stepped back and not a word was said The old general was left with his own words echoing in his head He then prepared to fight Chorus
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