Distillers – I Am A Revenant chords

The Distillers - I am a revenant

Intro: (scrape only at beginning)E->>---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-------------4--0-0--2-0-2--4-2-0-2-0---0---0-2-0----------------4--0-0--2-0--|D----2-2--4-5--------------------------4---4-------4-2------2-4-5--------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
verses; Em, C, G, D (strum hard, fast and palm muted) Another year has passed, and I'm alright I like the salt from my wounds and run into the night It's unknown why collusion goes on It rapes like betrayal And I'm rotting in the squalor of some Do you remember the rage? I remember the hate I remember it rained for years And the blood had left a stain You say I got karma to collect I dig my grave and I'm here waiting for some kind of check If I get one I'll hold my breath I racked my spine It takes a year of you to warrent a test As the years go by I won't cry It's the year you walked into my life I will despise
Bb FWe are the revenants
C GAnd we will rise up from the dead
We become the living We've come back to reclaim our stolen breath
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