Distillers - Young And Crazed Peeling tab

Taken from thedistillers.net

The Distillers: Young Crazed [Feeling/Peeling]? - Sing Sing Death House

Transcribed By: Kelly Dudka

Intro & Verses:			      Chorus:
Are you ready to be liberated...      I got everything I need...

G A C A C G G Ab A C Ge|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------5-----------------------------5--------------5--------------------|D|---5--3--5--------------------------3--5--5--5--4--3--5--5-----------------|A|---5--3--3--------------------------3--3--5--5--4--3--3--5-----------------|E|---3--1-----------------------------1-----3--3--2--1-----3-----------------|
Intro x4 Chrous x2 Verses: My name is Brody, Im from Melbourne, Fitzroy Melbourne, {Same chords as intro all the way thru}
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