Divine Brown - Lay It On The Line chords

Very simple but beautiful song from a great new artist!
It sounds about as accurate as it can get to me,
but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Verse 1:

I hate to say it,
CYou were wrong.
GI saw you coming from the start.
GShe made you think she was the one,
CI always knew she'd break your heart.
Verse 2:
CSo she was out with your boy, Dom.
GOn the floor in a slow grind.
FYou're asking me just what to do, boy,
G CI say you should lay it on the line.
Verse 3:
CNow, remember Jenny from back in school?
GShe said she'd meet you at the pond, boy.
G Your first love, her first fool.
C Somehow I knew she'd lead you on, yeah.
Verse 4:
CIt hurts my heart to see your pain,
GLooking in from the outside.
FAnd now you're doing it all again, yeah,
G CWake up boy and lay it on the line.
F EWe've been friend for so long,
AmI'm hear for you whenever you call.
D GBut now it's time, for you to speak your mind.
Verse 5:
COoo baby, it's been so hard,
GHolding back everything inside.
GTo be honest, I've been a little scared,
COf losing you, I can't lie.
Verse 6:
CAnd now I gotta let you know,
GI've been feeling you all this time.
F And now I'm ready to take a chance.
G CI'm going to lay it on the line.
Chorus Verse 7:
COh oh Baby, let me know,
GIf you've been feeling me all this time.
FAre you ready to take a chance, boy?
G CCommon and lay it on the line.
CSaid "Are you ready for love?"
GI'm going to lay it on the line, baby.
CAre you ready for real, real love?
GCommon and lay it on the line.
CAre you feeling me like I've been feeling you boy?
GCommon and lay it...
CCommon and lay it...
GYou've got to lay it on the line, baby.
CCommon and lay it...
GCommon and lay it on line.
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