Dixie Chicks - A Home chords

A Home - Dixie Chicks
Album: Home
Writers: Maia Sharp/Randy Sharp


Picking progression is like this: [Em7] [A]E------------------------------------------|B---------3-------3--------2--------2------|G-------0-------0--------2--------2--------|D-----2-------2--------2--------2----------|A---2-------2--------0--------0------------|E------------------------------------------|
Intro: Em7 A (x2)
Em7 AI mistook the warnings for wisdom
Em7 AFrom so called friends quick to advise
Bm A D C BThough your touch was telling me otherwise
Em7 ASomehow I saw you as a weakness
Em7 AI thought I had to be strong
Bm A D C BOh but I was just young, I was scared, I was wrong
D ANot a night goes by, I don't dream of wandering
Bm G AThrough the home that might have been
D AAnd I listened to my pride, when my heart cried out for you
Bm G ANow every day I wake again
Bm G AIn a house that might have been
D AA ho---me
Em7 AGuess I did what I did believing
Em7 AThat love is a dangerous thing
Bm A D C BOh but that couldn't hurt anymore than never knowing
D AA ho---me
E7 GFour walls, a roof, a door, some windows
D A Bm7 B7Just a place to run when my working day is through
GThey say home is where the heart is
D A Bm7 A Em AIf the exception proves the rule I guess that's tr---ue
D AA ho---me
Em7 D Chords: A = x02220 B = x24442(bar chord) or xx4442 B7 = x24242(bar chord) or x21202 Bm = x24432(bar chord) or xx4432 Bm7 = x24232(bar chord) C = x35553(bar chord) or x32010 D = xx0232 E7 = 020100 Em = 022000 Em7 = 022030 G = 320003
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