Dixie Chicks – Bitter End chords

D Em A 
Verse 1: 
D The words that you said
A They still ring in my head
Em G Don't you know
D We say goodbye
A With a tear in our eye
Em G Oh, where'd you go
D A It's alright you can sleep tonight
Em G A Knowing you'll always live on in a song
D Farewell to old friends
Em ALet's raise a glass to the bitter end
D Farewell to old friends
Em AWill you be the same when we see you again
D Em A Verse 2:
D Remember the days
A When we'd laugh as you played
Em G Who would have known
D A The water would come and just take you away
Em G Oh, where'd you go
D It's not alright
A I can't sleep tonight
Em G Knowing you should have played on
A On and on
Chorus D Em A C Em C Em A C Em C Em A Verse 3 (same as above) You had a good time Drinking all of our wine After the show We all rode the wave Of that crazy parade Oh, where'd you go What happened to The ones we knew As long as I'm the shiniest star Oh, there you are Chorus
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