Dixie Chicks – Hello Mr Heartache chords

Hello Mr. Heartache

(C) GHello Mr. Heartache I've been expecting you
G7Come in and wear your welcome out
C The way you always do
C7 You never say if you're here to stay
FOr only passin' through
G7 So hello Mr. Heartache
F CI've been expecting you
FWhen I don't feel like company
You make yourself at home
CEven though you know
I'd rather be alone
FLove walked out on me
And didn't even close the door
CNext thing I know I'm starin'
At your shadow on the floor CH x1 solo over Chorus progression
FI wish that I could say it's nice
To see you back again
CWe're not exactly strangers
But we're not exactly friends
FYou know you're not invited but
You keep on comin' round
CThe last thing that I need is you
To kick me when I'm down CH X1
F CI've been expecting you
F CI've been expecting you
F CI've been expecting you
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