Dixie Chicks - Truth No 2 tab

Artist: Dixie Chicks
Song: Truth No 2
Album: Home

***Capo 5***

Riff (relative to capo)E--------------------|B--2--0--------------|G--------0-----------|D--------------------|A--------------------|E--------------------|
D You donít like the sound of the truth G (Riff) Coming from my mouth D You say that I lack the proof G (Riff) Baby that might be so D I might get to the end of my life G (Riff) Find out everyone was lying D I donít think that Iím afraid anymore G (Riff) To say that Iíd rather die trying CHORUS-- C G Wow, swing me, way down south D G Sing me something brave from your mouth C And Iíll bring you G Pearls of water on my hips D And the love in my lips C G (Riff) All the love from my lips Stung when he swung a bat And I found myself laying flat I wonder What a way to spend a dime What a way to use the time Aint it baby I looked at my reflection in the window walking past And I saw a stranger Weíre just so scared all the time Makes me one more reason why the worldís dangerous CHORUS-- You donít like the sound of the truth Coming from my mouth You say that I lack the proof Baby that might be so Tell me whatís wrong have a little faith What your feeling in your heart Why must we be so afraid And always so far apart CHORUS--
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