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Dj Duke And Mc Mitten – Boost And Sprite tab

Boost and Sprite - DJ Duke and MC Mitten


Chords - these might be the wrong chord names but it doesn't really matter ------ eadgbe G 320033 cadd9* 032033 dsus4* 000133 em/g 022033 d 000232 asus2* 002030 cadd9 032030 G cadd9* G Booooooooooooost! oh boost and sprite em/g dsus4* you see them everynight em/g dsus4* G those boosts and sprites G cadd9* you run to the toilet G cadd9* when they say boost G cadd9* you don't know what to do cadd9* dsus4* em/g d,asus2*,cadd9,d,asus2*,cadd9,G and russell comes to take the piss out of you G Boooooooost cadd9* G boost and sprite cadd9* G boooooooooooooost and sprrrrriiiiite Outro ----- Any comments, tab requests Seagal worship, or news about the snugglewhippers and DJ Duke and MC Mitten email -
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