Dj Satomi - Castle In The Sky chords

Hey there! These are the chords for the popular techno song "Castle in the Sky" by DJ 
Satomi. It's a super fun song to play and sing along with. (And in case you don't notice, 
it's Dm, F, C, and Dm again throughout the whole song except the chorus.)

Here you go! :)

DmThere's a place in my mind
FNo one no knows where it hides
CAnd my fantasy's flying
DmIt's a castle in the sky
DmIt's a world of our past
FWhere the legend still lasts
CAnd the king wears the crown
DmBut the magic spell is law
DmTake your sword and your shield
FThere's a battle on the field
CYou're a knight and you're right
DmSo with dragons now you'll fight
DmAnd now my fantasy's flying
FIt's a castle in the sky
COr there's nothing out there
DmThese are castles in the air
Dm FFairytales live in me
Bb AFables coming from my memory
Dm FFantasy is not a crime
Bb AFind your castle in the sky
Interlude: (Background singing: da, do do...) Dm - F - C - Dm x2 Then instrumental: Dm - F - C - Dm x4 Then:
Dm FDa do do da do; Castle in the sky
C DmDa do do da do; Castle in the sky
(Repeat interlude)
DmYou've got the key
FOf the kingdom of the clouds
COpen the door
DmLeaving back your doubts
DmYou've got the power
FTo live another childhood
CSo ride the wind
DmThat leads you to the moon 'cause
(Repeat chorus) (Repeat interlude and instrumental) Dm - F - C - Dm Until end Yay! End it however you want to. There's no real way to do this, so play around with it and do whatever you like. :D Have funn!! :P
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