Dj Shadow - My Guru tab

By Kareem Elmosely
My Guru - DJ Shadow ---- guitar Tab
Heall Jeah

This is my first tab it goes.........Play the first part 2 times then play
the second part till the end of tha song.......this is as close as it gets......u have
to listen to the song to get it right.

e|----------------------------------------|B|----0---------0-------------------------|G|-10----10-10----10-11-10-8-11-10-18-11--|D|----------------------------------------| X2A|----------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
e|----------------------------------------------------------------|B|----0---------0-------------------------------------------------|G|-10----10-10----10-11-10-8-11-10-8-11-10-8-6-5-6-5\6-5\6-5\6-5-3|D|----------------------------------------------------------------| till the A|----------------------------------------------------------------| endE|----------------------------------------------------------------|
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