Do - Song For Lovers chords

NOTE: Use all chords with lash.

A Hereís a song for lovers
EmWho donít care if they donít sleep
A#If dragonflies with heavy hearts
F ECut the air like darts
(repeat) Hereís a song for lovers Who wonít ever have to weep Clear-sighted eyes and uncried tears All bright out in the sun
The ohhh ohh ohhhh ohh part goes E A Dm G (again, use these chords on 7th, 5th, 5th, e 3th, this order)
You were far too young dear To get so close to the clouds No one told you to stay awake For pleasures of that kind You were far too small To step far outside of your house Now you saw how dragonflies Tint their hearts with dark Hereís a song for lovers Who donít care if they bleed any suggestions, corrections, etc
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