Dobby Dobson - Loving Pauper chords

Loving Pauper
Dobbie Dobson
Key of GMusical Riff:
D GVerse #1
G AmIm not in a position to maintain you
G AmLike the way youre accustomed to
G AmCanít take you out to fancy places
G AmLike some fellows that I know can do
Bm AmIím only able to romance you
Bm AmAnd make you tremble with delight
C DFinancially Im a pauper
C EmBut when it comes to loving, Im alright
G EmAlright, Alright
Musical riff: Verse #2 Dont show me what youre friends are wearing I really dont want to see Dont tell me what youre friends are buying Cause money doesnt grow on trees Tell me of the things that excite you And make you tremble with delight Tell me where to hold and to touch you So you got to tell me Im alright Alright, Alright Musical riff: Verse #3 Jewels are things I cant buy you, girl Or drive you in a GT car If youre hungry, girl, I cant feed you For my money, girl, you wont get far Ive got so many patches on my clothes, girl A hole in the bottom of my shoe Financially Im a pauper But when it comes to loving Im alright Alright, alright Enjoy and mash it up!
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