Doc Walker - Forgive Me chords

Em D C D Em I was the one who was undone
D CTill you picked me up
Em D C D Em So how did you fall so far from it all
D CThought you were my rock
Am BSo why do you push me away
Em C G DI'm not gonna stand here and watch you go down
Em C G DI love you too much, no I won't let you drown
Em C G D And it just comes with being the man that I am
A B Em So forgive me, forgive me for giving a damn
Listen to me, I can't compete With this trip your on And if you decide to take that ride I won't come along Cause I know just where it leads Chorus Bridge:
Em G D CI know your scared and you just wanna run
Am BCause I've been there I know where your coming from
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