Dodgy – Homegrown tab

VERSE:D                                  G                              D      G
      Probally the thoughts of angles playing with my timein', will fade.
      D                                  G                              D      G
      No one's gonna say anthing for me, cos their all at home where they stay.
      D                                  G
      Build up and squash between an air of buildin's, what we all should
      ,and here he see's police.
      D                          G
      Fill in the pages of tommorow's yet to be.
      D                          G
      Well life is changein' slowly with it inside me.

CHORUS:A                   G
       Homegrown's the way that it should be,
       A                      D
       If we are really gonna seeeeeeeee,
       G                A              D      G     D     G .etc......
       Homegrown is the way that it should be.

VERSE:(chords as previous, the words are probally wrong cos they make no sense.)
      Soon missly and the snifes of summer passing slow (summer passing slow)
      The world surounds me gettin' smaller Homegrown let it grow.
      Step further down the line, carry on every things just takin' time.
      Step further down the line, carry on every things gonna be just fine.

CHORUS x 1 and an another last bit of the chorus.

BREAK:D - C# - C - G - C - G

     Then back to D - G, Then to Chorus, Then D - G until fade.
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