Dog Is Dead - Two Devils chords version 2

Standard Tuning

Capo 4th fret

Main Sequence:

[C] [Am] [Em] [G/F]e|-0------------------0-------------------0-------------1------------|B|-1------------------1-------------------0-------------0------------|G|-0------------------2-------------------0-------------0------------|D|-2------------------2-------------------2-------------0------------|A|-3------------------0-------------------2-------------2------------|E|-0------------------0-------------------0-------------3------------|I knew this one young girl who'd tell the trees and the grass to read us
C Am Em G all their favorites stories 'til we'd kiss and we'd laugh and we'd
C Am Em Gwrite to to devil, tell him he's a bad influence 'cause it's
C Am Em Gnot worth playing god when you're the story in the making.
C Am Em G Aaaaaaaaah
[Main sequence continues] Tiptoe through the crowd and tiny faces I can't bear Til I tried to find your body at the bottom of the stairs And the girl just left me shaking in the corners of my room While your face is changing colour, it's the story in the making. Aaaaaaaaah Ooooh Lately I've been down 'cause there's a beast under the bed And there's always soemthing crawling between my feet and in my head I take a long walk in a hospital but I couldn't stand the smell 'Cause you're always changing colour, the decrease in your Hell. Now I'm trapped between two devils; shiny teeth and shiny hair. There's an honest love to find somewhere. If we don't stop now we'll be dead by summer.
[C] [G] [F]e|-0----------------------------1----------------1---|B|-1----------------------------0----------------1---|G|-0----------------------------0----------------2---|D|-2----------------------------0----------------3---|A|-3----------------------------2----------------1---|E|-0----------------------------3----------------1---|Oooooooh, You tell me there's a reason, why our love's collapsed.
C G FOooooooh, We're tiny little creatures in a canister
C G FOoh... You tell me there's a reason why our love's collapsed
C G FYou tell me there's a reason that our love's collapsed
C G F It's just a feeling, but I'm linked to that
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