Dolorean - Morning Watch tab

Morning Watch
by Dolorean
From the album Not Exotic

Tabbed by Kevin (

Drop D tuning (DADGBe)

(intro arranged for guitar)---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------|---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------|---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------|---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------|-------0-3----1--0------0--------------- -------0-3----5-3-0-1----0--------------|-0-2-5----------------5---3----3-3-5-2-- -0-2-5---------------------2----4-------|
Bm A G D Bm A D Bm A G D I found myself again on the morning watch Bm A D For those of us who cannot sleep Bm A G D Just because of the things we've done Bm A D Wake up early with the starlings Bm A G D And as night's sins fade away and Bm A D Bee stings lose their swell Bm A G D So begins my day Bm A D So ends my hell Bm A G D And as night falls I prepare my bed and Bm A D Curse the pillow's stony lies Bm A G D For just as sure as my body begs for rest Bm A D I'll be up before the sunrise
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