Don Burnam - Lets Ride Into The Sunset Together chords


D F# G I've wrangled, and I've rambled, and I've rodeoed around
E AI've never once thought about settling down
D F# G But darlin', the moment I laid eyes on you
E A A7I knew my ramblin' days were through
D F# G Made up my mind a long time ago
E AWhen the right man came along, somehow I'd know
D F# G Heart as true, eyes as blue, and his smile as wide
E A A7As a western sky
D F# G DLet's ride into the sunset together
E A A7Stirrup to stirrup, side by side
D F# G DWhen the day is through, I'll be here with you
G A DInto the sunset we will ride
D A DYodelay-ee, yodelay-ee, yodelay-ee
D F# G I'll be your cowgirl, if you'll be my cowboy
E AYou'll be my Dale, I'll be your Roy
D F# G When the day is done, homeward we'll be wending
E A A7Like a movie with a happy ending
(Chorus) (Yodeling)
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