Don Henley – Come Rain Or Come Shine tab

Left handed
This song is off of the Leaving Las Vegas soundtrack and it's really beautiful. 
These are all pretty close, but I don't know all the jazz ornamentation.

G#       		 C7       
I'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you, 

Come rain or come shine;

A#7                      D#7                G#7            
High as a mountain and deep as a river, come rain or come shine.

   C#m7           G#m            C#m7 			Edim                    
I guess when you met me it was just one of those things;

	Fm      Cm                    C  Cb  D  A7  Ab7 G7 Gb7
But  don't ever bet me, 'cause I'm gonna be true if  you let me.

 G#       		 C7       

You're gonna love me like nobody's loved me,

Come rain or come shine;

A#7		  Gm7    B7         C7                
Happy together, unhappy together, and won't it be fine.

F7          			A#7         
Days may be cloudy or sunny, we're in or we're out of the money,

  F7             D7      Gm7-5        C7      Fm7   G#7   A#7    D#m
But I'm with you always, I'm with you rain or shine.
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