Don Henley – Everything Is Different Now tab

          Author/Artist: Don Henley
          Title: Everything is Different Now
          Album: Inside Job
          Transcribed by: Brian Beglin
          ***CAPO 2nd FRET***
          Chords used:  
Am Cadd9 D G C F Dm E7 --0--3-----2--3--0--1--1--0-- --1--3-----3--3--1--1--3--3-- --2--0-----2--0--0--2--2--1-- --2--2-----0--0--2--3--0--0-- --0--3-----x--2--3--3--x--2-- --x--x-----x--3--x--1--x--x--
Here is the main riff of the song, played before the verses. Main Riff:
e|------8---7----5---5-- B|----5-5--------7---5-- G|--7-------7----------- D|---------------------- A|---------------------- E|----------------------
Here is the big ol' solo in the middle of the song: Solo:
e|-------------------------------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------------------------------------- G|--5--5-4------------4--5--7--7h9--9v----7------7----7h9------------- D|----------7--5--7--------------------------10------------10----7v\-- A|-------------------------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------10-h12-12v----15-14v----15-14-12v-- --8h10---------8--7-h8------------------------------------------------- -------7v----7---------9-7-7-h9v--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
--7-h8-7--------------------------------------8------------- ---------8-------------------------------------------------- -----------7--5---5--4--5-4---------7-h9--9-9---7----------- ----------------------------7v----7---------------10-7v--\-- ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
INTRO: Am C D Am x 2 Main Riff x 2 VERSE 1: Am C D Am I hate to tell you this, but I'm very, very happy, Am C D Am And I know that's not what you'd expect from me at all. Am C D Am I'm not the kind to smile and bow out gracefully, Am C D Am I always wanted to take it to the wall. CHORUS 1: G C F C But I found somebody with a heart as big as Texas. G C F C I found an angel with the golden wings. G C F C She saw me down here in the dark somehow, G C F And everything is different now. Main Riff x 2 VERSE 2: Am C D Am Yeah, I miss the old crowd sometimes, and the wild, wild nights of running. Am C D Am You know, a starving soul can't live like that for long. Am C D Am You go around in circles that just keep getting smaller, Am C D Am You wake up one morning and half your life is gone. CHORUS 2: G C F C I got so tired of that; I got so lonely. G C F C I dropped down and I called out to heaven, "Send me someone to love." G C F C And heaven shot back, "You get the love that you allow." G C F And everything is different now. Main Riff x 2 BRIDGE: Dm E7 Oh, and it's sweet to know Dm E7 The wisdom that living brings Dm E7 Since I got the telegram from the god of simple things. SOLO: Solo (It starts over the last line of the bridge; listen to the song for timing) CHORUS 3: G C F C She said, "I don't care what you do for a living. G C F C I don't care what kind of car you drive. G C F C All I want to know right now is what do you believe in G C F C And what it means to you to be alive. G C F C Will you stand here in this fire with me? G C F C Are you ready for another life?" G C F C So I bit that bullet and I took that vow, G C F C And everything is different now. OUTRO: G C F C Everything is different now. G C F C Everything is different now... (repeat and fade)
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