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From: "Ronald Staats" 
Date:          Wed, 19 Jul 1995 14:08:11 MET-1

 Circus song/ don mclean

i tabbed this one from his live album SOLO, but on the album TAPESTRY
it sounded nearly the same. In my ears it sounds pretty good, but i not
so sure about the base part of it. I not so good at these things. I added the
lyrics, but i'm not a native born speaker of english.
Please correct me if i made some mistakes. I can learn of it.

Ronald staats, Utrecht, Holland       july 1995.
internet adres:

e|--------------------3--5--7----------------0----------0---2-----2-|b|-3---2----0------0--5--7--8---8----0h2-3----3-2---3---3---3---3---|g|---2---2----0--2-----0--0---0---0-----0--0------0---2---2---2-----|D|-0------------------0--0--0--------0--------------0---0---0-------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------| cotton candy two for a quarter, see if the fat man can guessyour weight
e|--------------------3--5--7----------------0------------2---| b|-3---2----0------0--5--7--8---8----0h2-3----3-2---3---3---3-| g|---2---2----0--2-----0--0---0---0-----0--0------0---2-------| D|-0------------------0--0--0--------0--------------0-------0-| A|------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| a big stuffed tiger, is what i bought her, and i going homecause its late.
G A7 Fm D7 e|-------------3-------3---------------2---------2---| b|-----------0------------2----------2-------------1-| g|---------0---------2-------------2-----------2-----| D|-------------------------------------------0-------| A|----------------0----------------------------------| E|------3-----------------------2--------------------| and everyone knows that the clowns arn't happy
G A7 D D7 e|-------------3-------3---------------2---------2---| b|-----------0------------2----------3-------------1-| g|---------0---------2-------------2-----------2-----| D|-------------------------------0-----------0-------| A|----------------0----------------------------------| E|------3--------------------------------------------| and everyone knows that the people don't care
G A7 D B7 e|-------------3-------3---------------2----2---------------------------| b|-----------0------------2----------3------0---------------------------| g|---------0---------2-------------2--------2---------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------0--------------0----------2---------------------------| E|------3---------------------------------------------------------------| and I only laugh at the way that their acting
E7 A e|---0--0---------------------------------------------------------------| b|---3--3------2--0-----------------------------------------------------| g|---1--1------2----2--0------------------------------------------------| D|-------------2--------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------0--------------------------------------------------------| E|---0--0---------------------------------------------------------------| but i'm so sick i just don't dare to
e|--------------------3--5--7----------------0-------------0h2----------| b|-3---2----0------0--5--7--8---8----0h2-3----3-2---3----3-----3--------| g|---2---2----0--2-----0--0---0---0-----0--0------0----2----------------| D|-0------------------0--0--0--------0--------------0----------0--------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
lyrics: cotton candy, two for a quarter see if the fat man can guess your weight a big stuffed tiger is what i bought her and i'm going home cause it's late. roller coasters make me dizzy cotton candy makes me sick i wish i had some bromo fizzy that would do the trick. everyone knows that the clowns aren't happy and everyone knows that the people don't care i wish i could laugh at the way that they're acting but i'm so sick, i just don't dare to high wire dancers, kick and balance white silk horses step in time the tatoed man display's his talents i'm not the talented kind i alway_ go to the circus on sunday and there i can laugh at the people i see but when i leave home in the morning on monday everybody laughs at me. you see, i make other people nervous i quess that's why they laugh at me but for me my life is a three ring circus and i can see it for free. have you seen my wife elvira, she can tame a lion you know. and i once had a bushy mane but that was so damned long ago. tight collored clowns in plastic buildings have happy families as their fate happy jobs and happy clubs and happy people they hate everyone's jugling and everyone's acting with smiles of grease painted three feet wide everyone_ caught on a caroussel pony and one time around is a life time ride.
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