Don Mclean – To Have And To Hold tab

key of D

intro tab
     D            Em  A      D

chords: D Em A D all through out

As the seasons go circling
and the years spin away
and the highway grows narrow
at the end of the day
as the promise i made you
on the first day of spring
to have and to hold 
this gold wedding ring


to have and to hold
till death do us part
in sickness or health
you are the love of my heart
for richer for poorer
till we all have grown old
to all of life's season
to have and to hold

and if can have children
or live all alone
the light of our love
will forever be shown
our union is timeless
our love beyond words
to have and to hold
till the ends of the earth

repeat chorus to the key of E F#m B E
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