Don Mclean - Magdalene Lane chords

This is my best guess for this song... only heard the version off SOLO

i alternate between the G and C like 320003/320013

Listen to the song for the tempo/strumming


G C G CThe angels are lost in the city of stars
G C G Cthe wise men are down on their knees.
G C G CAnd the fruitman of freeway will sell you his cars
G C G Cwhen he's sure that you can't find the keys.
Am D GAnd the ladies on Magdalene lane
Am D Gall worship the sun and the sand.
Am D GAnd the migrants who come can't complain
C Am Dfor this is their promised land.
GLa la la la la la la la la,
Amla la la la la la la.
C D G La la la la la la la la la,
G C G CMGM studios can't make the nut
G C G Cthey're auctioning Dorothy's shoes.
G C G CGable is gone, the good witch is a slut
G C G Cand I've got the parking lot blues.
Am D GThe wizard brought benzadrine smiles
Am D Gand he never let Dorothy doze.
Am D GShe died as she walked down the aisle
C Am Dand all that remains is her clothes.
C D G AmOver the rainbow a Kansas tornado
C D Gcan twist up a little girlīs head.
C D G Am Aunt Em's on relief and the tinman's a thief
C Am Dand even the wizard can't wake the dead.
GLa la la la la la la la la,
Amla la la la la la la.
C D G La la la la la la la la la,,
G C G CThe prophet has come to this kingdom of lights
G C G Cbut there's no one to listen or learn.
G C G CAnd the savior performs for the prophet's delight
G C G Cwhile dissenters are banished or burned.
Am D GAnd the heretics beg to be heard
Am D Gbut the savior's on tour for the week.
Am D GSalvation is found in his word
C Am Dif only he'd learn how to speak.
C D G AmAnd Lincoln is laughing with Amos 'n' Andy
C D Gconcerning the Great Civil War.
C D G Am And Paul Revere sleeps with the worst looking creeps
C Am Dwhile revolution's knocking at his door.
GLa la la la la la la la la,
Amla la la la la la la.
C D G La la la la la la la la la,
(single strum)
G C G CMagdalene Lane is the red light domain
G C Dwhere everyone's soul is for sale.
G C G CA piece of your heart will do for a start
G D Gbut you can send us the rest in the mail.
Am D GFor we have our own families to feed
Am D Gand we can't let them starve just for you.
Am D GWell, we'd rather not watch while you bleed
C Am Dso come back in an hour when you're through.
G D AmIt's just another city full of sorrow,
C D Git makes no difference why I came.
C D G AmI only know I'm leaving here tomorrow
C Am D Gand only the motel man knows my name
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