Don Mclean – Flight Of Dragons chords

Flight of Dragons

Capo 6

Am Dm AmFlight of dragons, soar in the purple light
F G AmIn the sky or in my mind
Am DFlight of dragons sail past reality
F Em AmLeave illusion behind
Dm GIs it the past I see
Dm G7When I look to the heavens
C FBelieving in the magic
E7 AmThat I know could never be
Dm G7I want to go where they are going
C FInto the world they've been
Dm E7 AmCan I open up my mind enough to see
Am D Flight of dragons, heavenly argosies
F G AmCatch the wind, rise out of sight
Am DFlight of dragons, pilots of fantasy
F Em AmIn the sky or in my mind
AmFlight of dragons
AmFlight of dragons
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