Don Moen – Fresh Fire tab

Hi I'm Alexander Ace V. Rojas... to know more about me... add me... 

intro: Am-G (4x)

--5h8--5h7--5--3----------------|--5h8--5h7--5--3---------------|------------------5-3-----------|-------------------5-3---------|-----------------------5-2------|------------------------5------| (2x)--------------------------------|-------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|--------------------------------|-------------------------------|
CHORUS: F Am Fresh fire let it fall G Am O God hear our call F Send Your Spirit like a rushing wind E We need fresh fire (repeat intro) Verse 1: F C Am G We are hungry we are thirsty F C Am G Crying our for more of You F C Am G Lord we are desperate for Your mercy F C Am Let us burn to know Your Truth C Light a flame in us now E Send Your holy fire down (chorus 2x) (do the same chords on the 1st verse) We have left our hearts unguarded We confess we've walked away Lord take us back to where we started Where we first found love and grace Light a flame in us now Send Your holy fire down (chorus 2x) F C More of Your love G More of Your power F C Send a revival G We need it now F C Stir up a fire G Let it burn brighter E Let the flame burn higher higher higher (chorus 2x) E Revive us again (repeat intro)
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