Don Moen – If You Could See Me Now chords

Capo 1
DOur prayers have all been answered
GI finally arrived
Em7The healing that had been delayed
G A D GHas now been realized
D A DNo one's in a hurry
G Em7There's no schedule to keep
DWe're all enjoying Jesus
G AJust sitting at His feet
DIs you could see me now
G AI'm walking streets of gold
D F#m7If you could see me now
G A F#m7I'm standing tall and whole
Bm7 F#m7If you could see me now
Em7 AYou'd know I've seen His face
Bm7If you could see me now
Em7 G Em7You'd know the pain is erased
You wouldn't want me
A Em7To ever leave this place
AIf you could see me now
DMy light and temporary trials
GHave worked out for my good
Em7To know it brought Him glory
G A D GWhen I misunderstood
D A DThough we've had our sorrows
G Em7They can never compare
DTo what Jesus has in store for us
G ANo language can share
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